COMMENANA:Girl-sensitive cosmetics

ManufacturerDONGYI F & B

Essential Cream

ALL IN ONE Cream masterpiece
The highly functional Cordyceps sinensis ingredient stops the clock of your skin aging and creates youthful, elastic, clear and beautiful skin.

Cordyceps Essence

Various moisturizing ingredients such as Cordyceps sinensis and hyaluronic acid nourish the skin and make it moist and smooth. Cava extract also soothes tired skin.

Bubble Foam

Soft Crim-type Cleansing Foam The abundant foam does not irritate the skin, so soft cleansing is possible and the skin is moisturized and clear.

Cordyceps Mist

Cordyceps sinensis water and centifolia rose flower water soften and soften the skin and form a protective film to soothe the skin. Centella asiatica extract prevents the skin from becoming shiny and makes the skin smooth.

Essential Mask

Cordycepin, a powerful antioxidant, is contained up to 25 times more than general Cordycepin in Cordyceps sinensis of Comnana Essence Mask.

HydroPeel: For beautiful skin

ManufatuererPrime Medical

Hydro Peeling

A peeling system that removes dirt and dead skin cells from the pores of the skin.